42 Grove St.

  3 Bedroom Apartment Available, Located at 42 Grove St. All-Inclusive (All Utilities + WiFi & Satellite TV + Free Laundry) 42 Grove St is a Beautifully Renovated 3 Bedroom Apartment is equipped with high-end appliances and makes a very comfortable home. Dishwasher Washer and Dryer Track Lighting New Hardwood Floors Ceramic Tile Free Laundry 1-year […]

Student Housing Rentals Oneonta 144 Southside

144 Southside

2 Bedroom House Available  This 2 Bedroom House is located in a Beautiful Residential Neighborhood, Out of the Party Zone, but just a Short Walk to Downtown. This Charming House has a Large Loft-like Living Room with Cathedral Ceiling and Recently Carpeted Floor, Modern Kitchen and Bath, Dining Room with New Hardwood Floor, Bedroom Recently […]

Student Housing Rentals Oneonta 46 West St

46 West St.

4 Bedroom House  AVAILABLE at 46 West St 46 West St is located just 1/2 block from the Hartwick Wall, this house has living space on 3 floors. The front door opens onto the main floor which has a living room, a great kitchen, a bedroom, bath, and a laundry room with new front loaders. From […]

Student Housing Rentals Oneonta

48 Fairview St.

3 Bedroom House Available at 48 Fairview St Awesome…  A Must-See! This awesome apartment is located at 48 Fairview St. We overheard our tenants’ guests talking about the house as they were leaving. “This is the best house in Oneonta” is an exact quote. The OVER-SIZE kitchen is spectacular, with stylish appliances including Dishwasher and […]

31 Cherry St.

 6 Bedroom House Available at 31 Cherry St. Great Location  (1  block from Hartwick wall) 10 Rooms Total + 2 Baths 31 Cherry St features: 2 Full Baths New Carpeting, Laundry Room (Free!) Off-Street Parking Rent paid by semester View our other 3D tours! Like us on Facebook

Student Housing Rentals Oneonta 13 Washington St

13 Washington St.

3 Bedroom House Available at 13 Washington St Fully Furnished! Great Location! ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGE AVAILABLE CALL FOR MORE INFO on 13 Washington St.   (607) 434-5438   View our other 3D Tours! Like us on Facebook!

Student Housing Rentals Oneonta

13 Lawn Ave.

3 or 6 Bedrooms Located at 13 Lawn Ave, it features two 3-Bedroom internally connected apartments can be rented separately, or together for a group of 6. Originally built as a single-family house, this is a recently renovated house, with refinished hardwood floors, modern kitchens and baths with ceramic tile, track lighting, and many other upgrades. […]

13 Columbia St.

13 Columbia St Apt. 3 Located at 13 Columbia St Four 2 Bedroom Apartments Available Accommodates 2, 4, 6, or…  Perfect for a Group of 8 All-Inclusive, Laundry, Deck, Great Location, All-Inclusive (Utilities+WiFi+SatelliteTV) Rent is paid per person per semester CALL NOW!  (607) 434-5438 View our other 3D Tours Like us on Facebook

Student Housing Rentals Oneonta

11 Lawn Ave.

3 Bedroom Apt. 4 Bedroom Fully Renovated Duplex All-Inclusive! Combine Both for a Group of  7  friends Located at 11 Lawn Ave, this house has a 3 bedroom apartment on the ground floor and a massive 4 bedroom, Fully Renovated duplex apartment occupying the 2nd & 3rd floor. This house has been popular with students for many years. […]

9-11 Washington St

9-11 Washington St.

1 Bedroom Apartments at 9-11 Washington St This house has eight 1 bedroom apartments. Six are Fully Renovated, One is Furnished,  and Four of them have Private Front Porches. On a quiet street, very close to schools, Main St., and buses, this is an ideal situation for the serious student or couple, or just if […]

Student Housing Rentals Oneonta

7 Lawn Ave.

4 Bedroom House Located at 7 Lawn Ave or Rent with House Next Door for Group of 8 Friends Rented Located at 7 Lawn Ave, this place features 7 rooms plus a kitchen, bath and 2 porches This unique house is set back from the street, creating a sense of privacy. The rooms are light and spacious. The […]

Student Housing Rentals Oneonta

1-3 Watkins Ave.

  This Property Has Been Rented For The 2019-20 School Year   Two 3-Bedroom Apts located at 1-3 Watkins Ave Rent one or both, side by side apartments 6 Bedrooms Available This house features 2 Fully Renovated 3 Bedroom Duplex Apartments and is usually rented to a group of 6 friends, but a group of 3 […]

Student Housing Rentals Oneonta

9 Lawn Ave.

4 Bedroom House Available at 9 Lawn Ave Located at 9 Lawn Ave, features 7 Rooms plus Kitchen and Bath The ground floor is very spacious and has a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and wrap-around porch. The second floor has 3 bedrooms and a full bath. Like our other houses on Lawn Av, […]