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Check out several of our apartments without leaving the comfort of your computer! These 3D Tours will allow you to experience the feel of an apartment that you can’t get from just a standard image.

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1 Bedroom Apartments  AVAILABLE

2 Bedroom Apartments (Furnished)

3 Bedroom Houses & Apartments
AVAILABLE Fully Furnished Apt. Not Listed Here
Call 607-434-5438 for Info & Photos

4 Bedroom Furnished Houses & Apartments







5 Bedroom Houses & Apartments  –  Fully Furnished

Combine 42 Grove & 2 Spring (both above)
These Renovated & Furnished Apartments
Are in 1 House.
Don’t let the different addresses fool you.


6 Bedroom Houses – Fully Furnished

ALSO: 1-3 Watkins Ave. has two furnished
3-Bdrm Duplexes side by side and is very
popular with groups of 6 friends


 7 Bedrooms

11 Lawn Ave has a 3-Bdrm Apt on the 1st Floor (no 3-d tour available yet).
Combined with Apt#2 (4-Bdrms, above) this house is ideal for groups of 7 friends.


8 Bedrooms

7 & 9 Lawn Ave are each full 4-Bedroom Houses right next door to each other.
A huge amount of space for 8 friends.


Check out some of our other student apartments!
1 Bedroom
2 Bedroom
3 Bedroom
4 Bedroom
5 Bedroom
6 Bedroom
7 Bedroom
8 Bedroom
3D Tours

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