Your Safety & Satisfaction are Our Priorities

You will have our support when you need it. Each of our tenants has the personal cell # of the company’s owner (click Here to meet him), so your calls and messages go right to the top. Never worry about your needs being ignored again, we take pride in our rapid response time… only one of the reasons we have the best reputation in town. For nearly 20 years we have been the innovators for offering increased value to our tenants and are constantly looking for new ways  to give you a better deal. We were first to include utilities and wi-fi in all of our properties, and first to offer furnished houses and apartments in properties rented exclusively to students. Now we are first to provide solar electricity in all of our properties, so when you rent from us you know you are contributing to a better future.

Although times have recently been devastating for many, our area has been fortunate to have been spared, for the mostpart, from the coronavirus outbreaks seen elsewhere. Because of this, many of our tenants  remained in Oneonta with their friends and roommates over this past Spring semester. By following recommended safety guidelines and using good common sense measures they safely completed their courses online from the comfort of their off-campus houses and apartments and maintained a level of comradery and student life that many others missed out on. Our incoming tenants for 2020-21 have already begun moving in and preparing for the upcoming Fall semester. Why not join them?

HEALTH: All of our houses and apartments are professionally cleaned and sanitized. Additionally, each property has been fogged with botanically derived antiviral products approved by the EPA for use against the Covid 19 virus that is completely safe for humans and pets, and all of our heating furnaces are equipped with HEPA filters to help keep our student rental units safe. 
CRIME: It may come as a surprise to some, but living off campus is MUCH Safer. According to, the most recent overall crime statistics available show that for 2018 of all crimes affecting students “98.1% of all incidents occurred on campus.” while only “1.9% of all incidents occurred in the Oneonta neighborhood surrounding the campus.”
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