offers Houses and Apartments for rent to college students attending our local campuses in Oneonta, NY (SUNY Oneonta and Hartwick College).  We have a history of renting our properties to students for over 20 years and we prioritize value, safety and service.  Our properties are clean and conveniently located close to both Campuses as well as to Main Street, Oneonta’s downtown area.   We can configure houses and apartments to meet your needs, whether you are looking for a small 1 or 2 bedroom apartment or if you are looking for a place that can accommodate up to 8 friends, each with a private bedroom!

Look through the links below based on the number of rooms you are looking for and don’t forget to take one of our 3D Virtual Tours!  We can also schedule for a live tour at your convenience.  Call us today and find the perfect place to call home during your college semesters.

If you are looking to find house mates, you can let us know here.

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2 bedroomAvailable

2 Spring Street

This is a fully renovated, furnished 2nd Floor apartment at 2 Spring Street. It can ...
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3 bedroomAvailable

42 Grove St.

This 3 Bedroom Apartment, located at 42 Grove St. can be combined with 2 Spring ...
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2 Bedroom House, Student Housing Rentals Oneonta 144 Southside
2 bedroomAvailable

144 Southside

2 Bedroom House This 2 Bedroom House at 144 Southside Drive is located in a ...
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Student Housing Rentals Oneonta 46 West St
4 bedroomAvailable

46 West St.

4 Bedroom House  AVAILABLE at 46 West St 46 West St is located just 1/2 ...
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31 Cherry Street, 6 Bedroom House, Oneonta Student Rentals, Off Campus Housing, SUNY Oneonta and Hartwick College.
6 bedroomAvailable

31 Cherry St.

6 Bedroom House Available at 31 Cherry St. Great Location  (1  block from Hartwick wall) ...
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Student Housing Rentals Oneonta 13 Washington St
3 bedroomAvailable

13 Washington St.

3 Bedroom House Available at 13 Washington St Fully Furnished! Great Location! ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGE AVAILABLE CALL FOR ...
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13 Lawn Ave., Student Housing Rentals Oneonta, 6 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom
3 bedroom6 bedroomAvailable

13 Lawn Ave.

3 or 6 Bedrooms Located at 13 Lawn Ave., this property features two 3-Bedroom internally ...
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2 bedroom4 bedroom6 bedroom8 bedroom

13 Columbia St.

13 Columbia St Four 2-Bedroom Apartments Available Three Furnished, One Unfurnished All-Inclusive (Furnished + 1 ...
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Student Housing Rentals Oneonta
3 bedroom4 bedroom7 bedroomAvailable

11 Lawn Ave.

Located at 11 Lawn Ave., this house has a 3 bedroom apartment on the ground ...
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9-11 Washington St
1 bedroomAvailable

9-11 Washington St.

1 Bedroom Apartments at 9-11 Washington St This house has eight 1 bedroom apartments. Six ...
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